Geneviève Retzlaff
Oskar-Coester-Weg 5
81479 München

T. +49 (0) 89 750 77 897

M. +49 (0) 163 777 4096

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With 13 years of experience within international work environments and having evolved around the HR sphere as a trilingual (EN, FR, DE) Generalist, I often start solid and long-term business relationships through recruiting services.


These relationships have also taken me on the paths of employment laws consultation for North American organisations who are looking to set foot on the German ground and keep their cultural identity whilst remaining a compliant employer in this new market. These relationships have also taken me down the Employer Branding consultation alley to help to not only demystify what "Employer Branding" actually is but also to build (and sometimes re-build) their employer marketing strategies to attract the best talent in an international setting. 

Individual coaching sessions have also enabled candidates to receive more positive responses from potential employers. This may mean advising them on adjusting their LinkedIn profiles, CV  and/or portfolio to be more attractive to recruiters or when the need arise, redefining a new career path for themselves. These coaching sessions have also served Managers to build and maintain highly effective teams.  

Having worked in Europe, North America, Oceania, Africa and Asia, it is with an open mind that I offer human resources consulting services. I accompany individuals and teams through personal as well as organizational challenges and support them in reaching new heights.