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Geneviève Retzlaff
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81479 München

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Geneviève Retzlaff

With 13 years of experience as an HR Generalist and Recruiter within international work environments such as Cirque du Soleil and Atomic Fiction, Geneviève is known for her deep understanding of human relations and for her active listening skills.  These skills combined with her extensive experience has allowed her to build dream teams, make appropriate recommendations and find fitting solutions to organisational issues. As a trained coach, she has been helping members of leadership teams and individuals live to their potential and make a change in their lives that is sustained over time. 


Having had acquired most of her experience where acrobatic shows and movies were produced, she has gained a strong knowledge on how to interact and find solutions that relate well with creative minds. 

As a bilingual consultant, she thrives on creating environments where collective knowledge contributes to a team's effectiveness. Having worked on 4 continents, in 42 different countries and 182 cities and being an expatriate living in Germany since 2015, Geneviève believes that diversity is the key to success for all organizations, no matter where they are based.